External Trial System

Axonics® Therapy offers the ability to trial the therapy and assess symptom improvement prior to having your patient undergo the full implant procedure. The trial is not specific to a system.

External Trial System

Offering two types of evaluations:
a Basic Trial and an Advanced Trial

Axonics® System Basic Trial

Basic Trial

A Basic Trial, or Peripheral Nerve Evaluation (PNE), utilizes a temporary lead and External Trial Stimulator (ETS). The temporary lead is placed via a minimally invasive outpatient procedure.

Axonics® System Advanced Trial

Advanced Trial

An Advanced Trial utilizes a tined lead that is connected to the ETS via a Percutaneous Extension. This option offers a longer trial period to test the efficacy of the therapy with the permanent tined lead.

Trial and permanent procedures are consistent with the current Sacral Neuromodulation best practices.

Axonics SNM Systems feature compatible components from trial to permanent implant

  • Clinician Programmer: Color touch-screen tablet with lead placement and programming tools
  • Patient Remote Control: Easily used adjust therapy levels for both trial and permanent therapies
  • Interchangeable Tined Lead: Tined lead designed to be compatible for Advanced Trials and both SNM Systems
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