Axonics® SNM


System Features Axonics R20™ Axonics F15™
Type Rechargeable Recharge-Free
Recharging interval Every 6 to 10 months † N/A
Battery life 20+ years 10-20 years*
Neurostimulator size 5cc 10cc
Neurostimulator case Titanium-ceramic Titanium
MRI labeling 1.5T and 3T Full-body MRI** 1.5T and 3T Full-body MRI**
Stimulation type Constant current Constant current

*Depending on therapy settings
**Under certain conditions. For more information visit
† Recharge interval depends on therapy settings

Recharge-Free Patient Remote Control

  • Pocket-sized and easy to use
  • Indicates when it is time to recharge the R20 device
  • Checks if system is ready for full-body MRI without requiring an office visit
  • Easily adjusts therapy levels for both trial and permanent therapies

Patented Tined Lead Design

The Axonics F15 and R20 systems use the same tined lead, providing you flexibility in
managing your patient’s Axonics® Therapy.

Smart Programming

A Smart Clinician Programmer that Simplifies the Programming Process

  • Color touch-screen tablet with lead placement and programming tools
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Proprietary algorithm that generates programming recommendations based on intraoperative responses and lead placement
  • Designed to reduce the need to adjust therapy

Constant Current Stimulation

Constant current can overcome impedance changes, such as scar tissue formation around the implanted lead, to continue to provide consistent stimulation over time. Axonics SNM Systems deliver constant current stimulation to help maintain the right amount of therapy and reduce the need for patients to make adjustments.1

External Trial System

  • Discreet and disposable
  • Supports basic and advanced trials
  • Programmable to same ranges of stimulation parameters as INS
  • Worn on belt or affixed to body



1. Lettieri C, Rinaldo S, Devigili G, Pisa F, Mucchiut M, Belgrado E, Mondani M, D’Auria S, Ius T, Skrap M, Eleopra R. Clinical outcome of deep brain stimulation for dystonia: constant-current or constant-voltage stimulation? A non-randomized study. Eur J Neurol. 2015 Jun;22(6):919-26.


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