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The Axonics® SNM Systems are FDA-approved for the treatment of urinary and bowel dysfunction. Axonics provides the choice between rechargeable and recharge-free SNM therapies. Both Axonics SNM Systems deliver a long-lasting battery life for patients and reduces the need for device replacement surgeries.

Clinical Outcomes

Axonics Therapy has been the subject of 2 prospective, multicenter clinical studies. These studies have shown significant, durable symptom reductions and high rates of patient satisfaction with Axonics SNM Therapy.

ARTISAN-SNM Clinical Study Overview


RELAX-OAB Clinical Study Overview


Two-year ARTISAN-SNM Study Outcomes


Two-year RELAX-OAB Safety and Efficacy Outcomes



A quick-reference guide is available below for a summary of applicable codes and Medicare National Average payment rates for the procedures and sites of services typically associated with Sacral Neuromodulation therapy and Urethral Bulking

Axonics SNM Reimbursement Guide


Reimbursement Guide


Axonics SNM FAQ


Reimbursement Support Center

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Healthcare Cost Savings

The Axonics SNM Systems may reduce patients’ and overall healthcare provider burden and risks associated with repeat surgeries.

A cost-consequence model was developed by health economic and physician experts to estimate the costs of long-term SNM-treatment with a rechargeable vs nonrechargeable device. The analysis determined that rechargeable SNM technology may deliver significant cost savings to payers, including

  • 45% reduction in per patient costs
  • $34,000 per patient savings
  • $12 billion budget impact savings to US payers over 15 years.1

Health Economic Impact Reference


Additional Resources

FDA Approval Letter Fecal Incontinence


FDA Approval Letter Urinary Incontinence


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Axonics, Inc., does not guarantee that Medicare or any public or private payer will cover any products or services at any particular level and specifically excludes any representation or warranty relating to reimbursement. Laws, regulations, and payer policies concerning reimbursement are complex and change frequently, and service providers are responsible for all decisions relating to coding and reimbursement submissions. Accordingly, Axonics, Inc., strongly recommends that you consult with your payers, reimbursement specialist and/or legal counsel regarding coding, coverage and payment matters.


1. Noblett KL, Dmonchowski RR, Vasavada SP, et al. Cost profiles and budget impact of rechargeable versus non-rechargeable sacral neuromodulation devices in the treatment of overactive bladder sysndrome. Neurourol Urodynam. 2016;1-7.


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