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Seven Ways to Control Urinary Incontinence and Prevent Leaks

Urinary incontinence affects up to one-third of adults in America, about 30 percent of women aged 30-60 and 1.5-5% of men, according to the American Urological Association. Defined as the loss of bladder control, urinary incontinence causes bladder leakages that can drastically affect patients’ lives, limiting their ability to perform job duties, participate in leisure […]

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What is a Bladder Function Test?

When a patient presents with symptoms of abnormal bladder functioning, their doctor or urologist will take them through a diagnostic process to determine the source of their symptoms and begin planning appropriate treatment. Bladder problems can arise from a range of possible causes, including various medical conditions such as infections or neurological diseases, and a […]

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What Causes Urinary Retention?

If you are often unable to urinate or experience frequent urges but can only urinate in small amounts, you may be experiencing urinary retention. Though chronic urinary retention creates discomfort and obstacles for patients, fortunately, it is treatable. Keep reading to learn what urinary retention is, what causes urinary retention, and the treatment options that […]

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The Best Diet for Overactive Bladder

When someone is diagnosed with overactive bladder, or OAB, doctors will begin by recommending conservative treatments that change the patient’s lifestyle. One of the most common first-line treatments is to change a patient’s diet. A reduction in fluid intake is an obvious intervention for OAB, but there are also foods that can either promote better […]

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Looking for the Best Incontinence Underwear? There’s a Better Solution

Urinary incontinence affects one-quarter to one-third of American adults and affects more women than men. While incontinence is more common in elderly adults, it can indicate underlying health conditions in adults at any age. Urinary incontinence can also severely impact a person’s quality of life, restricting the ability to travel, exercise, and carry out normal […]